10 Underrated Superhero Films & Shows That Aren’t Marvel Or DC

It’s a bird, it is a plane, and yet another superhero film.

It is worth your time to check out other franchises or stand-alone features with spandex-wearing supes. There are a variety of topics and themes covered in these alternatives. Intrigued? There are 10 superhero films and shows.

There are 10 Comic Book Heroes. Who could possibly exist?

10 Brightburn (2019)

The official trailer for BRIGHTBURN.


What if Superman was evil? David Yarovesky made a superhero horror film called Brightburn. Brandon Breyer crash lands into a cutesy hometown as an infant and is adopted by a childless couple. Brandon starts chanting, “Take the world.” Uh-oh. The body count would put many DC villains to shame.

Even though Brightburn was panned by critics, we still recommend it. The movie is an under explored idea. Brightburn pushes the boundaries of the superhero narrative despite not being the popcorn, quip-filled romp we expect from Marvel. Who doesn’t like evil kids? Is anyone an orphan?

9 Raising Dion (2019–2022)

The official trailer for Raising Dion.

Raising Dion

Raising Dion uses the superhero genre to discuss issues of race and single parenthood in America.

It is refreshing to see a superhero series with a young Black boy as its star. It is not cheap lip service. The show explored racially charged topics in an age appropriate way. Raising Dion’s two seasons are definitely a must-watch for viewers of all ages.

8 Megamind (2010)

Megamind is a movie. Movie clips classic trailers


Megamind is one of the best anti-hero stories. The movie is about a super-genius supervillain who miraculously defeats his nemesis. Megamind decided to create a new superhero after his victory wore off. What could possibly go wrong? Megamind teaches important lessons about who can be a hero and the power of love without using the same plot points.

Megamind is a laugh-out-loud hysterical movie. The meme-haven that is Shrek (2001) was given to us by DreamWorks. It should come as no surprise that this comedy is a winner. With a sequel in the works, there is no time to revisit this charming film.

7 Invincible (2021– )

Prime Video has the official trailer for Invincible.


Mark Grayson, a teenaged boy, is the subject of an animated entry by Amazon called Invincible. He is the son of Omni-Man, the universe’s equivalent to Superman. Mark fights a bunch of enemies as the yellow-and-blue spandexed Invincible, getting clobbered in the process. Can he get the girl and get a college acceptance? Time will tell…

Don’t let the format fool you. It is not suitable for your little Justice Leaguers and is one of the goriest titles.

6 Chronicle (2012)

Chronicle is a film by 20th Century Fox.


Chronicle explores heroism in high school.

The hunter becomes the hunted very quickly. Andrew’s. Two friends attempt to save him from himself, but whether or not they succeed is up to you. The lesson today is that teen angst and powers don’t mix well.

5 The Boys (2019– )

The Boys is an official trailer.

The Boys

Capitalism, meet superheroes.

The Boys will definitely give you political commentary. The second season had timely themes of White supremacy and mass misinformation. The r/TheBoys space is a great place to analyze some of the show’s themes. With the season 4 renewal, now is the perfect time to catch up on this addictive series.

4 The Umbrella Academy (2019– )

The official trailer for The Umbrella Academy.

The Umbrella Academy

Are you looking for something quirky? This show is a good choice for people looking for an outside-of-the-box superhero watch.

The Umbrella Academy is a great example of acting. The soundtrack is perfect. The third season just ended.

3 Heroes (2006–2010)

Peter controls his power.


One of the most famous superhero series to ever grace the small screen was created in the mid-2000s by Heroes. Unlike most of these entries, Heroes is not based on a comic book. Tim Kring’s mind was the source of its story. By chaotic, we mean genius. The series inspired other related media, from a novel to a spin-off series.

One of the largest television casts was brought together to tell the story of ordinary people who suddenly gained powers.

2 The Crow (1994)

The Crow is a movie. Re- Born (1994) HD

The Crow

There is only one thing better than a superhero movie. Eric Draven, the musician who was murdered, is resurrected from the dead in The Crow. Eric follows the lead of one crow to find the villains. James O’Barr’s comic is the basis of the film.

A bit of tragic history for this one. Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee died during production of Eric Draven due to a faulty fake gun. He was young. Brandon died young and didn’t see the success of his film. The Crow is a cult classic.

1 Big Hero 6 (2014)

The official US trailer for Disney’s Big Hero 6.

Big Hero

Big Hero 6 is a Disney gem.

This film is similar to a Disney movie. Everything you need for a good superhero adventure is here. It is a major win for representation of women and Asian people. The wholesome story continues through Disney’s Baymax!, one of the newest series on Disney+.

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